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How are rocks and aggregates sold?

Usually bagged 18 kg (40 lbs.) bag or bulk yard (ton).

What is the volume(coverage) of a 40 lbs. bag of aggregate?

The volume in a 40 lb. bag will vary some but will generally be around 11 to 12 litres per bag. Example 28.33 litres = 1 cubic foot.

Can I have bulk landscape materials delivered?

Yes. Depending on the truck we can delivery 3-8 yards of material at a time. We also have a delivery truck with a divider depending on the quantity and type of material needed. Please contact us 519-245-2211 to inquire and book your delivery.

Can I load bulk mulch or aggregates into my own buckets?

No, all bulk mulch and aggregates are to be loaded by our employees into your vehicle or trailer. We do carry bagged product for people with cars or SUV’s that cannot be loaded with a loader.

What are your delivery costs?

Please see our delivery pricing or contact us 519-245-2211

Do you deliver using C.O.D.?

No, all deliveries must be paid for in person at our location or over the phone by credit card before the delivery can be done.

How far ahead of the desired delivery date should I order?

Delivery times are determined by the availability of trucks and delivery spots on the day you would like to have your delivery.  We appreciate as much notice as possible as our delivery spots fill quickly during the busy season.

How is flagstone sold?

Flagstone is sold by the pound.

What is the weight of a skid of flagstone?

Full skids of flagstone vary in weight from 2 to 2-1/2 tons. (2000 lbs = 1 ton)

How many pounds or ton of flagstone do I need?

Multiply, length in feet, times width in feet, times the thickness of the flagstone in inches, times 13.5 to get the approximate number of pounds required. Example: (length(ft) x width(ft) x thickness(in) x 13.5) = pounds)

What is the size of a roll of sod?

Sod rolls are 2′ wide by 5′ long. Each roll covers 10 square feet.

How many rolls do I need?

Find the square footage of your area. Multiply, length in feet times width in feet divided by 10 = number of rolls required. Example: length(ft) x width(ft) /10 = number of rolls

How should I prepare the area and soil before laying sod?

Remove all old sod, grass and debris. Level area and work ground to 1″ depth to allow the new sod to root.

Is sod guaranteed?

No, sod is final sale and not guaranteed.

Should I order sod in advance?

Yes, we ask that orders be placed by Wednesdays at 1pm for pick up on Saturday mornings of every week. This way we can be sure to have sod on hand to meet your needs. You will be expected to take the sod that you have ordered so please make sure to do your calculations.

Can I have sod delivered?

No, we DO NOT deliver sod. Sod must be picked up at the store.

How much should I water my new sod?

New sod must be watered daily for the first 2-3 weeks. Water daily until saturated (wet enough you can’t walk on it). In extreme hot and dry conditions, make sure to water even after the 1st couple of weeks. Rule of thumb with established lawns is at least one good watering a week with regular weather conditions.

Do you have senior discounts?

No, we do not offer senior discounts.

What forms of card payments do you accept?

We accept Visa, Mastercard and debit card. We DO NOT accept American Express.

Are you open holidays?

We are open for most holidays with holiday hours which are 10am to 4 pm. We are closed Good Friday and Thanksgiving. Call 519-245-2211 to confirm.

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